Original Soundtrack for Memoria Conectiva, 2019

Memoria Conectiva is a show that mixes contemporary dance and theatre, originated by the social program Move, Arte para todos, in the Centro Fernán Gómez, Madrid . This show is the product of a laboratory of collective creation with older people, that investigates the experience and memories of the participants through the language of theater, dance and music . I had the chance to compose and produce the complete soundtrack of this very moving show.

Original soundtrack for Plastic Waltz

Plastic Waltz is a video-mapping project by Visuales Nidra, selected for the Salamanca Festival Luz y Vanguardias, 2019. It was projected on the facade of the city hall, on the Plaza Mayor. I had the honor to produce the soundtrack and sound design of this beautiful project.

"This project is a reflexive waltz about our shadow, that puts in a mirror the theme of plastic and our own darkness. This parallel suggests rethinking the question of how to integrate rather than reject, both at the macro and micro scale : plastic being the shadow of current society reflects our individual and subjective shadows and our way of dealing with them. Recycling, instead of expelling, could be a healthier alternative, both for the planet and for us. Dancing with the waste, dancing with our darkness, dancing with death - hence the nod to the Catrina and musically to the Llorona - this is what we try to capture in Plastic Waltz" Visuales Nidra

Original soundtrack for Hansel/Gretel/#E120

Here is the original soundtrack I composed and produced for Hansel/Gretel/#E120, a contemporary dance show by El Arándano and Epidermis producciones, in Espacio DT escénico, Madrid, march 2019. Hansel/Gretel/#E120 is a recontextualisation of the tale in a vaporwave universe – an artistic movement that emerged on the internet in the 2010s as independent dance scenes like seapunk, synthwave, etc. This aesthetic is characterized by very kitsch images and sounds, inspired by 8bits technologies, which guided the whole creative process of producing this soundtrack. Here is the trailer of the show.

Sound design for “Final Tetris”, 2018

Production of the Tetris song remix for the video-mapping Final Tetris, by the collective of interactive arts Interactivas, selected in the video-mapping contest of the Festival de Luz y Vanguardia, Salamanca. The video-mapping was projected on the facade of the city hall, in the Plaza Mayor of Salamanca in may 2018.

Sound design of Veravenus, 2018

Sound design of the art work Veravenus by Darya Von Berner, guest artist of the Festival de Luz y Vanguardia de Salamanca. The art work consists in a conceptual video-mapping around the motive of the birth of Venus, which was projected on the famous facade of the University of Salamanca during the Festival, in May 2018. The underwater sounds first convey the idea of an oceanic in-utero universe before Venus was born, and when the figure of Venus starts to emerge from the wall, the point of view changes : we can hear the waves breaking on the shore, louder and louder, illustrating Venus emerging from the water, until she is wiped off by the wind of history.