Original soundtrack for Plastic Waltz

Plastic Waltz is a video-mapping project by Visuales Nidra, selected for the Salamanca Festival Luz y Vanguardias, 2019. It was projected on the facade of the city hall, on the Plaza Mayor. I had the honor to produce the soundtrack and sound design of this beautiful project.

"This project is a reflexive waltz about our shadow, that puts in a mirror the theme of plastic and our own darkness. This parallel suggests rethinking the question of how to integrate rather than reject, both at the macro and micro scale : plastic being the shadow of current society reflects our individual and subjective shadows and our way of dealing with them. Recycling, instead of expelling, could be a healthier alternative, both for the planet and for us. Dancing with the waste, dancing with our darkness, dancing with death - hence the nod to the Catrina and musically to the Llorona - this is what we try to capture in Plastic Waltz" Visuales Nidra

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