Original soundtrack for Je Viens – documentary, 2021

Music composition and production for Je Viens, a documentary by Cecilia Galli about a crew of contemporary dancers in the island of Mayotte

Sound Design for Afro Hair Futurity Podcasts, 2020

Afro Hair Futurity is a project by Alix Bizet that was presented in the Self Design Academy of Eindhoven, Holland. It includes a series of podcasts comprising interviews of an artist, designer, filmmaker, anthropologists and trichologist reflecting on their knowledge, personal and professional experiences of Afro Hair. More generally this work aims to be a starting point to rethink Afro hair in a post-colonial context and as a performance of black futurity.

Creation and Sound recording : Alix Bizet Studio
Mixing and Sound Design : Sharouh

With : Casey Elisha, Rambisayi Marufu, Ebuni Ajiduah, George Okello, Farrah Riley Gray, Adom Philogene Heron, Cynthia Lusilu

Music and Sound Design · Afro Hair Futurity podcasts – Alix Bizet Studio

Original Soundtrack for Acuario Barcelona, Sin. 2019

Acuario Barcelona, Sin. is a creation by Move, Arte para todos.
Aquario Barcelona is a community dance/theatre project organized by Move, Arte para todos, selected in the 2018 call for the Art of Change ”la Caixa” program that has managed to unite people from different cultures through the so-called “living arts”. Musical composition and production by Sharouh

Music and Sound Design · Acuario Barcelona, Sin. Complete Sountrack